Editorial copy is vast.  Some would say that a proof reader and fact checker us an, “editor.”  While others might attribute “editorial” work to the entirety of the publication.  For this reason, many freelance projects require at least one editor to act as a generalist and in so doing either write from something as sparse as an outline or as basic as to simply finely polish the work before it is published.


The interview, once refined and produced, is an editorial work.  However, much of the gathering of the detail of the story is in the historical and sometimes data filled work prior to the interview, a main interview that might be filmed or taped or both to gather further detail and composure of the story. Finally, a last- minute series of clarifications to the story line is finally checked to offer the highest standards of clarity possible.  The interview project; therefore, can be a relatively small, impromptu piece if work or a project that literally takes years and years to complete.

Business Writing

Content that is created and derived from other sources for the purpose improving the inner and outer workings of the organization is oftentimes referred to as business writing.  This type of format can lend itself to a well put together form of prose as well as a colloquial banter.  A mutually successful discussion that is decidedly business casual will result .