Ghost Writing

Do you have a family history, unique story or–let’s just say it–A BOOK you would like to write and publish?  Why not set that dream in motion?!  Ghost writing involves submitting notes, artifacts, photos, audio tapes for knowledge gathering on the part of the writer.  The process can also be simplified into phone interviews and a couple of questionnaires to gather the meat of your ideal story line. With an affordable investment allow us to craft your story, your ideas and your passions into a book that you can be proud of.

Publishing, formatting and marketing are also services that we provide.  So what is stopping you?  Please contact us and let’s get going!

Content is Marketing at its Best

professional writingRich content that is accurate, informative and compelling is one sure fire way to rank well in Google searches. Moreover, unlike advertising, content can be used over and over again on a company website, in social media, in marketing collateral pieces and in correspondence with spa guests. Content not only gets page rankings up for a topic, brand or campaign, it also provides the reader with an immediate and useful tool.  Content directs action, answers questions and provides solutions. In a climate where consumers are savvy and invest in research, they crave details.

What is the best procedure?  Where to find the correct ingredients?  How much time will this take?  Where did this practice come from?  Are there studies to back up the claims?  So many questions to be answered.  Rich writing covers all of this and more in a format that is easy to digest.